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After your bird watching journey, Sítio Espinheiro Negro offers five comfortable and cozy suites for the rest of its visitors, four of which accommodate 3 people (one double bed and one single bed) and one that accommodates 4 people (one double bed and one bunk bed). The rooms are equipped with:

  • Box beds;

  • Minibar

  • TV with open channels

  • Fan

  • Amenities

  • Hair dryer

  • Wi-Fi


The Sítio Espinheiro Negro has a social hall where all meals are served, as well as being a space for visitors to gather and interact. This hall provides a view of the bird feeders. Books and bird guides are also available for consultation in the hall.


During your visit to the Sítio, three great meals are offered: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The meals can be included in the accommodation package or served separately. Lunch and dinner are prepared with fresh ingredients, including some organic produce from the Sítio itself, and they come with delicious desserts. The Day Use package includes lunch with dessert.

  • Drinks are served separately. 

  • We do not have a separate kitchen for the preparation of 100% gluten-free items, therefore our products are not recommended for individuals with severe gluten sensitivity.

  • Before making your reservation, please inform us if anyone in your group has any dietary restrictions or food allergies.


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